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Warner Music Africa proudly presents Tyler Page’s brand new single release If it Wasn’t 4u, a homage to the one who makes you better.                                                                      

A sonically haunting piece with Asian-inspired synth as well as the universal messaging of being saved grants this track immediate global status.                                                                       

If it wasn’t 4u is a melody by singer Tyler Page, a collaborative endeavor with Bad Future producer Paul Gala.                                                                

“If It Wasn’t 4u is a song of immense gratitude for that one person, a love, a family member, a friend or for God – who has changed your life completely for the better, so much so that it saves your life. Sometimes it’s very painful to be changed, like a tree that has to be pruned to carry better fruit. This song is about the tough experiences that take place to ultimately shape and save us through tough love.”                                                             

‘If It Wasn’t 4u’ begins with a delicate and exotic string theme unexpectedly set off by a massive trap beat and heavy droning bass, these juxtaposing opposites evoke a powerful excitement in the listener. Tyler’s tranquilizing voice cascades and glides over the dark yet warm instrumentation. Haunting and consoling at the same time.

The ditty explores the act of being rescued by someone, a circumstance or deity; the mechanics of said rescue, however, are achieved by trimming one’s defects to make one whole and ‘perfect’. Life, the beautiful beast that it is, offers moments where happenings appear seemingly tragic at the time yet in hindsight make one better and stronger. If It Wasn’t 4u thus pays homage to the person, event, or deity that facilitates such transformation.