Multi-faceted singer songwriter, Janie Bay returns with her new single titled ‘Jammer’

Multi-faceted singer songwriter, Janie Bay returns with her new single titled ‘Jammer’.

Available to Stream & Download from 24th April.


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24th April 2020, Johannesburg: Multi-faceted singer songwriter Janie Bay, who boasts career streams in excess of 1.5 million, returns with her new Afrikaans single Jammer. The single follows the trend of Janie embracing Afrikaans in her song-writing following the success of her recent hits ‘Amper Daar’ and ‘Die Heelal’ and is now available for download on all your favourite digital platforms.


Janie says that after she wrote the song, she instantly knew that this will be her next single release: “I wrote Jammer as an apology to someone that I hurt. I was processing the emotions around what happened for quite a while. Why is it so hard to apologize? When I eventually penned the lyrics, it flowed onto paper within minutes. I literally wrote it while I had my morning coffee.”


The production of the song almost had to happen overnight as lockdown in SA loomed early March. Janie recorded the vocals at Popkult in Potchefstroom with producers Ewald Janse van Rensburg & Dolf Willemse. She says: “I did the vocals in two hours. I am amazed by the fact that there was such a fast pace to the making of this song. For me it is as if this song really wanted to Be, the process just happened with such an ease. I am very happy with how the song turned out. Whether there are external factors or not, when one creates from the heart, things just flow more easily.”



Video director Henry Marsh says that they worked with Bay`s emotive lyrics and the tones of the single cover art to create the feel of the video: “Janie and I decided it would be more powerful to have a very minimalist take. We wanted to focus on the raw emotion that Janie was putting out and even in post- production, we focused on the closeups. I remember getting goosebumps when I looked at the first draft. You can feel the pull of Janie`s intensity. She is a true professional artist. Janie arrived at the studio with purpose and nailed every single take, knowing exactly what feeling she was trying to emanate at each point in the song.”


Concept: Janie Bay

Director: Janie Bay

DOP: Henry Marsh

Editing: Henry Marsh & Janie Bay

Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe: Janie Bay


Jammer is available on all your favourite digital platforms.