25 March 2022, JOHANNESBURG: Inspirational, Soul Musician Masandi has begun his inspirational music journey, with a second follow-up single’ Noma Kunzima’  from his upcoming EP ‘Kaleidoscope’.

‘Noma Kunzima’ carries the message of having hope and resilience to overcome life’s struggles, even when it’s difficult.

Masandi – who has transitioned into worship / inspirational music. A journey that’s been long coming for him, after a fatal car accident that left him fighting for his life and in a head brace for over 3 months. He found himself pleading to God to save his life and that if this happened, we would transition to gospel music and become a steward of the gospel.

He has since began his transition into worship and fully commits to the pact that he made with God on the hospital bed.

Masandi has since seen God move on his behalf, landed 3 major acting roles this year – one of which is a lead in the most-watched soapie in South Africa. Uzalo.

“Noma Kunzima is a very relatable message because, I know everyone is going through battles and struggles. This is to say, there is hope at the end of the tunnel”, comments Masandi.

Masandi is set to appear on Uzalo in April while he gears up for the release of his first inspirational EP in May.

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