Kiddo CSA


05 November 2021, JOHANNESBURG: Kiddo CSA, is an act with bars and wisdom beyond his age. The diverse rising star couples his lyrical genius and effortless delivery to present a sound that maintains the grit of hip hop, and the light weightiness of pop.

Kiddo is soon to be a widely recognized rapper and a voice to be reckoned with among artists worldwide.

His talent has already garnered the attention of American rapper, Mick Jenkins and renowned producer Tee Wat, which led to his debut single release titled ‘Stay Down’. He also featured on ‘Gotta Go’ alongside Hip Hop heavyweights DJ PH, Da L.E.S and Tumi Tladi.

Recorded in Johannesburg, with LondonRhodes behind the desk, the song was birth after their second meeting in studio. The heavy hitting base amplifies the energy behind Haibo, and Kiddo CSA’s effortless flow is complimented by the accented instrumental, adding flavour to the track. 

HAIBO is a South African expression for something surprising or sudden to hear. Right now my life is changing in all aspects and hence there’s a repetitive chant to express my current feelings. It’s a vibe and you feel it when listening to the song. The verses explain the struggles I’ve faced before getting to this point, “down below it was poverty, let it show”. It’ll always be a reminder for me to keep working harder and to get in alignment with my higher self. I’ve been in the mud before but I’m never going back. HAIBOOOOO!!!”  Comments Kiddo CSA.

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About Kiddo CSA 

Kiddo CSA, born Sipho Ncube, is the highly anticipated star rising out of the East of Johannesburg, South Africa. As a diverse artist with lyrical genius and a smooth effortless tone, Kiddo has his finger wrapped around the Hip-Hop/Rap scene.

He is a soon to be widely recognized rapper, a household name, and a voice to be reckoned with among artists worldwide. Kiddo’s undeniable love for hip hop can be seen in his many online freestyle videos on social media, and through his heavy hitting freestyles, Kiddo caught the attention of DJ PH.

This led to him featuring on the track ‘Gotta Go’ alongside Da L.E.S. and Tumi Tladi. Prior to Kiddo joining the Warner Music South Africa family, Kiddo has already delivered a single titled ‘Stay Down’ which features American star, Mick Jenkins, and was produced by the highly talented producer ‘Undfind’. Kiddo CSA is now on his way towards reaching new heights in his musical career.

Recently signed to Warner Music South Africa, Kiddo CSA will be recording amazing music with remarkable artists and producers that align with his trajectory to becoming one of the greatest rappers to emerge from South Africa. “I’m really excited for what the future holds for me. A year ago, I never imagined that I’d be where I am now,” says Kiddo. When asked about what he’s looking forward to he said “I’m looking forward to putting in the work that’s needed to take me higher. I just want to make sure the people who believed in me and invested in my growth are proud of me.”

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