Josh Kempen


Josh Kempen releases his highly anticipated 3rd single titled ‘Leave Me If You Can’ amidst an exciting buzz around his debut album, as well as the quirky spoof music video which also launches today.

This is what Josh had to say about ‘Leave Me If You Can’; ‘this is a song about finding yourself in a relationship only because of the fear of being alone and the weight of a wonderful past you had together. It’s saying; ‘there’s no way I’m strong enough to do this, and we can’t stop fighting, so why don’t YOU leave me if you can?’ and then, in the same breath, saying, ‘oh, remember this? Remember how good we actually are? So how could we possibly leave each other?’ The video continues the story of this guy dealing with that crisis, but after his girlfriend just decided, ‘you know, you’re right and this is going to hurt, but it’s over’. It’s kind of a heartbreaking situation, but conveyed by DOLPH in a very sweet and tongue-in-cheek way’.

Previously nominated as “Songwriter of the Year” by SAMRO and ‘Newcomer Of The Month’ by Apple Music, Josh Kempen surely has bigger things coming his way. His debut album ‘The Morning Show’ entered the SA iTunes Chart at #3.