Janie Bay`s new album Prisma is out now!

Afrikaans superstar Janie Bay pushes the envelope in song writing and production yet again with her long-awaited new album Prisma. The album is the culmination of songs written between 2019 and early 2021. With personal themes of family; love; passion; loss and encouragement, it is a masterful offering of diverse moods and musical textures that play widely between emotive ballads, lighthearted pop and a good dose of electronic adrenaline.  The 7 tracks, although seemingly different, come together in an intricate prismatic matrix that hits home with thoughtful intention in a time where nothing is certain. Bay generously moves between these mercurial emotions and fans will love the new sound. Hits on the album include the radio hit Ek Glo Nog In Jou with Danie Reënwolf, the new single My Lief featuring Majozi and Early B and a moving toned down version of a popular Fokofpolisiekar tune.

Bay says that she enjoys writing songs about the musings of love. She explains that the message of the first single My Lief is honest and simple: “Relationships aren’t perfect. Sometimes things get hectic, but then one remembers, that through true commitment, partnerships can stick through thick and thin.” Kalmeer is about the unpredictable world that we currently live in. Bay explains: “Things seem to be moving too fast and many unexpected things are happening to every one of us in these strange years. There is a need for calmer waters.”

Bay`s popular song Ek Glo nog in Jou that she recorded with Danie Reënwolf in 2020 reached no 1 on Jacaranda fm`s international CTM Charts and the video of the song has had more than half a million hits on Youtube. Bay`s fans can also look forward to a beautiful rendition of Fokofpolisiekar`s classic tune Tevrede.

SAMA nominated and international award winner Janie Bay signed with Warner Music South Africa in 2017. Her music has been streamed over 6 million times up to date and according to RadioMonitor.com, her Afrikaans singles from the past two years has reached more than 90 million impacts. Bay says that she is excited to share her new album. “I felt closer to people during the make of this album. The songs are personal, but also an expression of what we are going through as a collective and I hope that everyone that listens will enjoy it.”

Prisma is available on all popular digital platforms.


1. My Lief ft. Majozi & Early B

2. Babylon

3. Kalmeer

4. Tevrede? (Fokofpolisiekar Cover)

5. Ek Glo Nog In Jou featuring Danie Reënwolf

6. Lewens

7. Sweef


My Lief: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stDQ0jc_CbM

Ek glo nog in Jou: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKzqNYqnKmE

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PHOTOS CREDIT: Altin Ferreira.