Demo Submissions – The Do’s and Dont’s

Here at Warner Music SA we get tons of demos – sometimes too many to go through properly. If you’re ready to send us your demo, please consider the following points:


Include 1 – 3 songs. Make sure they’re your best possible songs. It doesn’t matter of they’re old or were recorded the night before or a combination of both – just that they represent your best work. No more than 3.

Don’t send us CDs, minidiscs, DAT or reel-to-reel tapes. Links to reputable transfer services (like Dropbox) to your songs will suffice.

Make sure the quality of the music files you send via whichever link service you choose are up to scratch. Regular 264kbps  – 320kbps MP3 quality are good enough. .WAV files just chew up bandwidth. Don’t do it. **We don’t accept songs using DATAFILEHOST. This service is blocked and we won’t be able access your music**

Include a brief description of who you are, where you from, what you are doing. Include anything currently newsworthy, perhaps some recent gigs, playlisting celebrations or soundtrack credits. Add a good quality photo.

Include links to your various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp etc. Make sure your pages are clean and up-to-date and that any audio & visuals work. We’re looking for your or your bands personality and trying to get an idea of the size of your audience and interaction. Your music are more important than stats so don’t sweat the numbers.

Send your submissions by making use of the Demo Submissions form on our Contact Page.

Include your contact info like e-mail address and a phone number.


Send more than 3 songs. Also, don’t e-mail the actual songs! Similarly, don’t try and e-mail .WAV files or massive videos either. The mails will get blocked due to large attachments and we wont see them. Just links please. **Don’t use DATAFILEHOST to send your songs. This service is blocked and we will not be able to access your music**

Send us songs you’re not happy with or that are not ready to go out into the world. Let other trusted people listen to them and get some constructive feedback first.

Be mysterious, aloof, disrespectful or write your bio in SMS speak. Clear, concise and well-written gets you noticed. Keep it to all to one page.

Send us music that doesn’t fit what we do. We can’t do anything with Eskimo piano music or 180bpm Goa trance. Visit for a run down on our artist roster (we’re open to a lot, but not everything). Remember we are signing South African artists and your music needs to make sense here before looking internationally.

That’s it!

If we like your stuff, we’ll get back to you. It could take a few days or weeks. Due to the high volume of submissions, we are not able to give feedback to all those that didn’t work for us.

Demo submission is but one method in. We like getting excited after seeing and hearing music live which we’ve checked out because there was such strong buzz out there. We like music and artists we come across through our own channels – artists that are already out there doing it, that have passion and show promise.