Julanie J

New Afrikaans singer and songwriter signing for Warner Music South Africa

Julanie J is a young, talented singer/songwriter from Cape Town, South Africa. In 2019, at just 21, she signed a major label deal with Warner Music South Africa. Her debut album will be released in late 2020, which is led by the first single ‘Dalk Is Ek’.

Julanie is no stranger to the music business, having grown up in a very musical family and recalls writing her first song at the age of four. Having christian roots, she released her first album in 2016 entitled Spirit Breakout, for which she received a Best Newcomer nod at the Mzansi Christian Awards.

Julanie, already an accomplished songwriter, has written for a number of recording artists, including Lokua Kanza, Helmut Meijer AKA Calev, Nadia Vorster and Namibia`s Sanet Lambrecht. The themes of her songs are mostly introspective.
Julanie explains, “It is only human to sometimes get stuck in the past or feel overwhelmed by our problems. These perspectives keep us captive and then we forget who we really are behind all of that. We should constantly ask ourselves – Who am I am and what do I really want? I am moved by people`s stories. I enjoy writing and I try to be as observant as possible. There is so much going on around us and if we start noticing the little things, life becomes much more interesting.”

Recently appointed as the ambassador of Ster-Kinekor’s ‘Vision Mission’ a philanthropic mission aimed at assisting children suffering from eyesight difficulties – a struggle Julanie herself battled with as a child.
Says Julanie: “Through my experiences as a child, I learned that there is still a great stigma around wearing spectacles, and I want to use this platform to encourage children to accept themselves as they are and wear their glasses, so they can excel in everything they do.”

Despite her impressive talent and bright future, Julanie remains a humble Afrikaans girl, with her roots deep in her faith, community and family. “I am an ordinary girl with a great love for life, my family and a nice groovy bass line. I am the youngest of six children and already the proud aunt of quite a few rascals. They’re the stuff of milking cows, I call my home. ”

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