Mango Groove

2 Minutes With: Mango Groove’s Claire Johnston

Mango Groove are back! The group dropped their fantastic new album ‘Faces To The Sun’ late last year which has just been nominated for two South African Music Awards. So, we thought we would help you get to know lead singer Claire Johnston a little better with these quickfire questions.

Birthday: 16th December

Age: 49

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Hometown: Johannesburg

My friends usually say I’m: funny (not sure if they mean amusing or odd).

For breakfast this morning I had: toast and jam and a home made smoothie

My favourite food is: curry

To bed I usually wear: a nightie

I’m inspired by: humour and generosity

I would never: intentionally be cruel

I love music because: it makes me think anything is possible

I release music that is: upbeat and that hopefully makes people feel good

On a Saturday Night you would most likely find me: with friends at home unless I’m working

My craziest travel experience: flying to Beijing, China for just 2 days to sing one song as part of the launch of a TV channel. I felt like I was passing myself in the air on the flight back home!

I’d spend my last 20 bucks on: chocolate!

My favourite song to sing in the shower is: I have never sung in the shower

My ideal celebrity date: Debbie Harry from Blondie (she’s had such a long and exciting career and was such a part of changing the role of women in the music industry. I’d love to hear the stories)

My last impulse buy: a black pyjama style jacket with white edging

My favourite social media platform is: Instagram

The album on high rotation on my iPod at the moment is: Muse – Drones

My ideal first date involves: good food and conversation

When I was a kid, I thought babies came from: my mum (all of them!)

I’m proud of myself because: I’ve come out of some unpleasant situations  with my sense of humour and hope mostly intact

I’m most passionate about: fairness