Mango Groove

2 Minutes With: Claire Johnston of Mango Groove

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Hometown: Joburg

My friends usually say I’m: too apologetic (sorry!)

My favourite food is: prawn and avocado salad and chocolate brownies

To bed I usually wear: a nightie

I’m inspired by: kindness and creativity

I would never: knowingly hurt anyone

I release music that is: (I hope) uplifting, that makes people feel good about life

On a Saturday Night you would most likely find me: at a gig with Mango Groove or hanging out with friends

My craziest travel experience: With Mango Groove almost every travel experience is crazy! But here’s one: we were travelling to Australia via Hong Kong and our plane had engine trouble, so we stopped off at midnight in Mauritius. We had about 3 hours sleep before boarding a new plane to continue our trip. When we arrived in Hong Kong it was past midnight so we just stayed up all night. When we finally got to Sydney in Australia it was on the day of the actual gig and we all performed having only slept about 3 hours out of 72!

I’d spend my last 20 bucks on: for today, at least, a Kit Kat!

My last impulse buy: a pair of blue mirrored sunglasses

The album on high rotation on my device at the moment is: Nirvana’s Nevermind

When I was a kid, I thought babies came from: the shops!

My favourite Apps at the moment are: Hungry Shark, WhatsApp, TuneInRadio, Kindle and Was

Pizza or Burger: Pizza

Twitter or Instagram: Instagram

Streaming or download: Download