2 Minutes With: ASH

Star Sign: Pieces

Hometown: KZN Newlands East

My friends usually say I’m:  the life of the party

My favourite food is:  my grans chicken curry !!

To bed I usually wear: My vest and briefs

I’m inspired by: TY Dolla $ign, Tory lanez , Chris brown to name a few .

I would never: leave the house without my shades

I release music that is : absolutely fire

On a Saturday Night you would most likely find me: out and about with my boys or working in the studio

My craziest travel experience: having to sit next to a snoring lady on a flight

I’d spend my last 20 bucks on: gum and bottle of water lol

My last impulse buy: my new Jordan 11’s

The album on high rotation on my device at the moment is: TY Dolla $ign airplane mode and  DJ Khaled Major key.

When I was a kid, I thought babies came from: Storks for real though lol

My favourite Apps at the moment are: Facebook and Shazam

Pizza or Burger: Pizza

Twitter or Instagram: The Gram

Streaming or download: Download

iOS or Android: iOS